"The Door Problem," Week 1

In all honesty, the all-encompassing umbrella of game design use to confuse me too. When I tell people my major, I have to remind myself what it is I do due to the nature of this program. Personally, writer, designer, and level designer sound the most enticing to me. Due to the individualistic nature of this program, it’s still kind of hard to fathom that all these “door-solvers” exist in entirely separate departments since I’m used to doing all this on my own. Nevertheless, I can’t wait for the day someone else is the environment artist. I also hope I’m never in charge of anything to do with the publishing process (legal, release engineer, publisher, etc.). The strangest role to me is probably either the community manager or localization. Both I’ve never explicitly considered very deeply in my little Game Center bubble, but I can understand how important they are to the market. From taking intro to design and intro to development, I understand the difference to be a lot in the goal. While game design pursues the optimally designed game, game development gets her done! Designing is about consideration, development is about implementation. I’m not quite sure about the specifics, but I do know these two benefit from the other’s presence under that grand umbrella.

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