midterm progress

So, essentially my game is a stage manager simulator; you must follow along in a script and call cues at precisely right time in order to win. However, you can’t keep your light on for long and you must constantly quiet down your rowdy stage crew.

As you may have guessed, this is inspired by community rather than professional theater, heh.

This week, I managed to get sound working, taught myself how to use sliders, and added some extra buttons. Its current length is five consecutive lines, but the full game will eventually be a 3-5 minute scene with a little more variety. Aside from the length, it’s practically done. I still need to code changing the pages in the script (which I haven’t decided if I’m going to use images or just change the text...the former will look better, the ladder will be easier...eh). I also think it’d be cool if the game over screen told you how you lost...but we shall see how ambitious I feel next week considering I still have to do all the aesthetics.

Speaking of aesthetics, I have to 3D model a soundboard type situation with buttons (it would be really cool if they actually moved down when you clicked them which I probably can accomplish with animation?), a rope, a suggestion of a crew, and perhaps a curtain and some miscellaneous object for feel (a bottle of water, a headset, spike tape, etc.). I also have to get some friends to record the dialogue which shouldn’t be too much trouble. And, of course, make the win and lose screens pretty.

Otherwise, I feel pretty good about my prototype and I scoped it pretty well.

Now to see if it’s way too hard when we playtest in class. >:)


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✨✨✨looks good